Our team of skilled, compassionate care givers are dedicated to the practice of excellence in delivering gentle, individualized treatment that is focused on helping you heal. We will engage with you on your journey to becoming illness and pain free and help you through education, counselling and direct, hands-on therapy to understand how to help yourself to remain happy, healthy and productive.

From the right: BJ Gross, Patient Account Representative; Heila Gibb, Patient Liaison; Dr. Brendon Gibb, Chiropractic Physician; Josue Sanchez, Licensed Massage Therapist; Robbvie Smith, Front Desk; Jon Knight, Office Manager

June 22, 2019, marks the 9th work anniversary for Josue Sanchez, our licensed massage therapist. Josue entered into the Massage Therapy program at Carrington College right after graduating from high school. Upon completion he applied for and received his Arizona state license to practice massage therapy and was immediately hired by Dr. Gibb to be his partner in chiropractic practice.

Thank you very much, Josue, for your dedication, your skill, and for compassionately caring for and supporting the members of our community who become our patients. The Springbok family loves you and congratulates you for your achievement. Here’s to the next 9 years!

Time to party!

Thanks for being Dr. Gibb’s wingman for 9 years!

You’re the best, Josue!

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